How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

We want you to have the best experience with the least amount of inconvenience.  To accomplish this goal, we need your help in doing a little preparation for your cleaning visit...

  1. Please vacuum your traffic areas before we arrive, if possible.
  2. Please remove breakable items such as tabletop lamps and brick-a-brack from furniture to be moved during the cleaning process.  Our liability insurance does not allow us to handle these items or to move furniture with breakables in place.

  3. Please remove as many small pieces of furniture as possible, such as dining chairs, ottomans, and small tables from the areas you plan to have us clean. your technician will be glad to help move light furniture at no extra charge, such as dining room chairs,  Your cooperation helps us do a better job for you.  We also would appreciate the floors to be free of personal items, toys, books, etc.
  4. During the pre-cleaning inspection, please tell our technician about any cleaning concerns that you may have, particularly those regarding spots or stains.  If possible, tell the technician what caused the stain or spot.  The cleaning technician assigned to your job is trained in specialized spotting procedures.  He or she can evaluate spots and make appropriate recommendations.

  5. China Cabinets and the like cannot be moved unless completely empty.  We also will not move antique furniture or if it appears fragile in structure.
  6. Please let your family pets know that our technicians will not bite!  We would appreciate mutual consideration!  Pets need to be secured or gated away from the area to be serviced.  We accept no responsibility for pets getting loose, as your door will be open (to allow for hoses) during your cleaning.  We will not enter your home if no one is present and dogs are loose.  Please make arrangements for your pets prior to our arrival.

  7. We plan to secure floor length draperies on the windowsill or draper rod using hangers.  This procedure prevents the fabric from directly contacting damp carpets during cleaning and drying.  If you prefer that we do not handle your draperies, kindly perform this function prior to our arrival.

What You Can Expect After We Finish

CAUTION:  Walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery. We suggest placing an old towel onto the hard surface floor at the entrance to use to both remind you of the slippery floor and to use to wipe your feet.

Until carpeting is dry, minimizing traffic on it helps to prevent re-soiling (especially pets). Even slight amounts of moisture can easily dislodge dirt from the bottoms of feet and paws. You may still walk on the carpeting directly after cleaning; just make sure that whatever you are wearing on your feet is clean and not bare. The natural oils from bare skin and paws will attract to the damp carpet. Make sure your technician leaves enough "booties" for your family.

Do not replace furniture onto damp carpeting until carpet is thoroughly dry. We will place either plastic tabs or foam blocks under furniture when needed. Please do not remove these until carpet is thoroughly dry.  

Your carpet may remain damp for up to 24 hours. Sometimes the outdoor weather may affect drying time if extremely wet or humid. Providing circulation in cleaned areas will help with expedited drying.

All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. 100% Guarantee!

At All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc., we want you to be super-pleased! In fact, absolutely delighted with every job we do. So, every job we do comes with our iron clad, risk-free guarantee.

What does this mean for you? Simply this: If you are not happy with our work, we will redo it for FREE! Plus, if a spot is going to reappear, it will show up in a few days. I’ll give you 30 days to call me and come back and fix it with no hassle and no charge! And, if you are still not satisfied, you can have your money back.

Nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction.

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How We Will Get You The Best Results

First you and I will evaluate your furniture’s needs. “Every Item Must Be Treated Differently” Then we’ll decide what will be the best approach and why! Each manufacturer recommends a specialized cleaning method, and best of all, you’ll know up front what we can and can’t do! This way there’s no surprises!

There are some things to be concerned about...

Furniture comes in various type of fabrics, it is important that we determine what type it is. This gives us the ability to clean it properly. Even if you don’t choose us, please be sure when you get a quote. Make certain that the company is taking your furniture type under consideration!  Here’s a final note: If they use the wrong cleaning agents, they will ruin the fibers and possibly the entire piece of furniture.